Pierre Kleinhouse is an award-winning illustrator, painter and designer. 

Clients Include

Stella Artois, BBC Focus, Maxibon, Virgin Mobile, SNCF, Krispy Kreme, UPS, The Museum of Communism in Czech Republic, Oxford University Press, Zack & Quack (Nickelodeon Jr.), Usbek & Rica, Monkey Business, Avocats.be, Mako, Tenbei, Barzel Beer, Baker & Hill, Red Dot Advertising & Design, Zupi Magazine, Hasrita record store, Bezek and others.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Freak Me Out #2 (Milan 2017)
  • Tiny Homes by Light Grey Art Lab gallery (Minneapolis 2016)
  • Illustration Week (Tel Aviv 2016)
  • The Robo Show by Light Grey Art Lab gallery (Minneapolis 2016)
  • One Moment Festival by Tel Aviv city municipality (Tel Aviv2016)
  • ILLU:ART by Port Gallery (Jaffa 2016)
  • Bower Bird by Light Grey Art Lab gallery (Minneapolis 2015-2016)
  • Prologue #02, Wandering (Jerusalem 2015)
  • Load by La Culture & Kuli Alma (Tel Aviv 2015)
  • Guts by Light Grey Art Lab gallery (Minneapolis 2015)
  • Prologue #01 (Jerusalem 2015)
  • La Culture’s art fair (Tel Aviv 2014)

In Print

  • Photoshop Creative, Issue 155 (UK 2017) 
  • Get Inspired! Magazine, Issue 34 (The Netherlands 2017)
  • Zupi Magazine #53 (Brazil 2017)
  • Society6 Art Quarterly Magazine // No. 1.4 (2016)
  • Color the Childhood Book - Children Book Design (2016)
  • Alternative Movie Posters II Book ( USA 2015)

Awards & Recognition

  • Creative Quarterly 46, Illustration: Professional, Runner-up.
  • Creative Quarterly 44, Illustration: Professional, Winner.
  • Creative Quarterly 43, Illustration: Professional, Runner-up.
  • 3x3 magazine, student illustration show, Honorable Mention.
  • 3x3 magazine, student Picture Books show, Honorable Mention.
  • Bezalel Academy of arts and design, The Yossi Shetern award for high achievements in the illustration field.

Social Links

Instagram - Behance - Dribbble


Please feel free to contact Pierre regarding new and exciting projects. Email: kleinhouse.art@gmail.com (or use the contact form below).

For commissioned projects in the advertising field, please contact his really nice agents at The Mushroom Company.

Email: info@mushroom.es



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