Pierre Kleinhouse is an award-winning illustrator & painter. He likes to draw animals, plants and characters, mixing his digital work with ink, scanned textures and old school Techniques like silk screen printing.

Clients Include

Stella ArtoisBBC Focus, Virgin Mobile, UPSKrispy Kreme, Oxford University Press, Zack & Quack (Nickelodeon Jr.), Usbek & Rica , Monkey BusinessMakoTenbei, Barzel Beer, Baker & Hill, Red Dot Advertising & Design, Zupi Magazine, Hasrita record storeBezek and others.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Tiny Homes by Light Grey Art Lab gallery (Minneapolis 2016)
  • Illustration Week Tel Aviv (2016)
  • The Robo Show by Light Grey Art Lab gallery (Minneapolis 2016)
  • One Moment Festival by Tel Aviv city municipality (2016)
  • ILLU:ART by Port Gallery (Jaffa 2016)
  • Bower Bird by Light Grey Art Lab gallery (Minneapolis 2015-2016)
  • Prologue #02, Wandering (Jerusalem 2015)
  • Load by La Culture & Kuli Alma (Tel Aviv 2015)
  • Guts by Light Grey Art Lab gallery (Minneapolis 2015)
  • Prologue #01 (Jerusalem 2015)
  • La Culture’s art fair (Tel Aviv 2014)

In Print

  • Zupi Magazine #53 (2017 Brazil)
  • Society6 Art Quarterly Magazine // No. 1.4 (2016)
  • Color the Childhood Book - Children Book Design (2016)
  • Alternative Movie Posters II Book (2015)

Awards & Recognition

  • Creative Quarterly 46, Illustration: Professional, Runner-up.
  • Creative Quarterly 44, Illustration: Professional, Winner.
  • Creative Quarterly 43, Illustration: Professional, Runner-up.
  • 3x3 magazine, student illustration show, Honorable Mention.
  • 3x3 magazine, student Picture Books show, Honorable Mention.
  • Bezalel Academy of arts and design, The Yossi Shetern award for high achievements in the illustration field.

Social Links

Instagram - Behance - Dribbble


Please feel free to contact Pierre regarding new and exciting projects. Email: kleinhouse.art@gmail.com (or use the contact form below).

For commissioned projects in the advertising field, please contact my really nice agent at The Mushroom Company.

Email: info@mushroom.es



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