Leading Brands Deserve High Quality Illustrations & Design

Hi! My name is Pierre Kleinhouse & I'm an award winning freelance illustrator and designer

I work mainly with brands and design studios providing illustrations that not only look good - but also communicate ideas and values that relates to my clients.

Over the past few years I've had the privilege of working with clients such as Stella Artois, HarperCollins, Milan's TV Series Festival, UPS, BBC Focus & more.

​I also make artworks for exhibitions, give talks & illustration workshops around the world.

Full bio here.

Clients include

Broadway Theatre, Wix, HarperCollins, Stella Artois, Milan's TV Series Festival, Rolling Stone Magazine, Harvard Business Review, BBC Focus, Dynaudio Music, The Museum of Communism in Czech Republic, Spectacle Magazine, Moog Audio, Open, Save Our Seas Magazine, UPS, Maxibon, Virgin Mobile, SNCF, Krispy Kreme, Oxford University Press, Usbek & Rica Magazine, Monkey Business, Mako, Barzel Beer,  Zupi Magazine, Hasrita record store, Bezek and others.

Working with Me Is Fast & Easy

Here is a typical project process:

1. Brief

Once you contacted me, we will be in touch by Email or Skype and establish a brief that cover all your project needs.

2. Sketches

I’ll make sketches and send them over so you can pick & choose what works best for you. You can also ask for changes if you want to.

3. Final Work

I’ll finish the illustration/design and send it over for your approval. Once again, you can ask for changes if you want to. Then if we're all set, I'll send you the final high-res files.

Let's Create Something Awesome Together!


Talks & Workshops

I love talking about illustration, design and about being a creative freelancer.

My speaking history include speaking at The Pixel Show (Sao Paulo, Brazil), OFFF TLV 2018 (Tel-Aviv, Israel) and running illustration workshops in Tel-aviv's illustration week, Bezalel academy and more.

Let's Talk

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