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Some Things I Missed in My Photoshop Tutorial

Hey there! This is just a short follow up for my Photoshop tutorial.

So it seems some of you are having a hard time finding the default brushes I was talking about. 

Here's how it looks like in the brushes panel:

And you can change the settings of these brushes to get different results. try changing the spatter size, spatter amount or spacing in the settings in the brushes window.


I got to talk with some readers that told me about another cool way for getting that stippling look using Dissolve blending mode

All you need to do is create a regular, smooth gradient with a soft brush. Then change the layer blending mode to Dissolve!

It creates a different look, a bit less smooth looking, but it's awesome.

I tried it on a couple of my illustrations just to see how it feels:

Hope that helps :)

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