Pierre Kleinhouse

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Hi! my name is Pierre Kleinhouse & I'm an award winning illustrator & designer.

Over the past few years I had the privilege of working as a freelancer for clients such as Stella Artois, Rolling Stone magazine, Milan's TV Series Festival, BBC Focus & more. 

Nowadays I work as the creative director of Astro Tiger design studio.

Don’t worry! I’m still available for freelance work, talks & workshops as well.

You can reach me at kleinhouse.art@gmail.com

See more of my work here.

My services include: 

  • Editorial illustrations - for magazines articles, magazine covers and blog posts.

  • Websites & app design - I design custom made websites.

  • Poster illustration & design.

  • GIF animations - for Apps, Websites and digital magazines.

  • Logo design & branding strategy.

  • Package design/ bottle labels design. 

  • T-shirts & apparel design. 

  • I also make artworks for exhibitions, give talks and illustration workshops.

Clients Include

Milan's TV Series Festival, Stella Artois, Rolling Stone Magazine, Harvard Business Review, BBC Focus, Dynaudio Music, The Museum of Communism in Czech Republic, Spectacle Magazine, Moog Audio, Save Our Seas Magazine, UPS, Maxibon, The Minutes, Virgin Mobile, SNCF, Krispy Kreme, Oxford University Press, Usbek & Rica Magazine, Monkey Business, Avocats.be, Mako, Tenbei, Barzel Beer, Red Dot Advertising & Design, Zupi Magazine, AppThis, Solara, Hasrita record store, Bezek and others.

Exhibitions / Talks

  • Talk at OFFF TLV (Tel Aviv, 2018)

  • The Maritime Silk Road Exhibition (Beijing & Nanning, China 2018)

  • Talk & workshop at Bezalel Academy of arts and design (Jerusalem, 2018)

  • Talk at Pixel Show (Sao Paulo, Brazil 2017)

  • Dynaudio Music exhibition (Copenhagen 2017)

  • Freak Me Out #2 exhibition (Milan 2017)

  • Tiny Homes exhibition by Light Grey Art Lab gallery (Minneapolis 2016)

  • Illustration Week exhibition (Tel Aviv 2016)

  • The Robo Show exhibition by Light Grey Art Lab gallery (Minneapolis 2016)

  • Bower Bird exhibition by Light Grey Art Lab gallery (Minneapolis 2015-2016)

  • Load exhibition by La Culture & Kuli Alma (Tel Aviv 2015)

  • Guts exhibition by Light Grey Art Lab gallery (Minneapolis 2015)

  • Prologue #01 exhibition (Jerusalem 2015)

  • La Culture’s art fair (Tel Aviv 2014)

In Print

  • Photoshop Creative, Issue 155 (UK 2017)

  • Get Inspired! Magazine, Issue 34 (The Netherlands 2017)

  • Zupi Magazine #53 (Brazil 2017)

  • Society6 Art Quarterly Magazine // No. 1.4 (2016)

  • Color the Childhood Book - Children Book Design (2016)

  • Alternative Movie Posters II Book ( USA 2015)

Awards & Recognition

  • Communication Arts 2018 Illustration Annual, Winner.

  • Creative Quarterly 46, Illustration: Professional, Runner-up.

  • Creative Quarterly 44, Illustration: Professional, Winner.

  • Creative Quarterly 43, Illustration: Professional, Runner-up.

  • 3x3 magazine, student illustration show, Honorable Mention.

  • 3x3 magazine, student Picture Books show, Honorable Mention.

  • Bezalel Academy of arts and design, The Yossi Shetern award for high achievements in the illustration field.